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Created on 04 April 2015. Posted in Gaming

... garrison campaigns, one of the main story delivery vehicles for WoD. These quests are available only once per week, and once again, the result is a decision that serves no purpose but to artificially ...

LOTRO Update 15

Created on 06 November 2014. Posted in Gaming

... issue that was making some mounts appear to be useable in the Delving of Fror, even though they were not. Quests Fixed an issue where town service NPCs had the wrong voiceover. Fixed typos in v ...

Destiny: The Dark Below Expansion Release Date and Details

Created on 29 October 2014. Posted in Gaming

... offer you special quests including three new missions where you can increase your Light and get new rewards. Other additions include a new co-operative Strike, The Will of Crota, which pits you against ...

LOTRO Harvestmath Fest 2014

Created on 21 October 2014. Posted in Gaming

... the Apple Bobbing game, test your skill with spooktacular quests in the Haunted Burrow, or grab the reins in the festival horse races! Don't miss out on the season’s biggest party!  ...

LOTRO Farmers Faire

Created on 02 September 2014. Posted in Gaming

... an overworked hobbit vendor fulfill the requests of her impatient customers. Lend a hand tracking down lazy vendors, taking grocery orders, collecting apples and making mushroom stew! Bounders ...

LOTRO Event: Buried Treasure

Created on 21 August 2014. Posted in Gaming

  Buried Treasure Hunt is Back! Weekend event: 08/21 - 08/25   Travel to Ered Luin to help explore an active dig site near Gondamon! Follow the tutorial quests to get on your way. ...

LOTRO Summer Festival

Created on 24 July 2014. Posted in Gaming

... Show your skill in various summer quests and collect tokens which can be used to purchase a host of items including new summer rewards. EVENTS INCLUDE: KEG RACES Four dwarves have been chosen as ...