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A Hometowner From Hamtramck Fights The Undead

Created on 20 September 2016. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... colleges could not — which is Detroit-style survival: you learn or you die. MT: [laughs] Raimi: That’s right, learn or die, there’s no other option. So David Regal and Mary Bremer and Arthur Beer, ...

Downton (Abbey) Against Humanity

Created on 29 December 2015. Posted in Multi-Fandom

Michelle Dockery has renamed her "Lady Dirty Mary"   You’ve never seen this side of Lady Mary before. Michelle Dockery, who playsDownton Abbey’s Mary Crawley, sat down with Allen Leech an ...

Lucy Lawless Comes To Salem

Created on 03 March 2015. Posted in Xenite News

... according to WGN America. And she is coming for Mary Sibley, their most powerful witch, as she believes herself to be “the last of the true witches.” Also new to this season are Stuart ...

Lucy Lawless In Salem Season 2

Created on 14 January 2015. Posted in Xenite News

...  Stuart Townsend, Joe Doyle and Oliver Bell joining the cast as the second season begins production in Shreveport, LA. Salem follows a 17th century witch, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), in her effort ...

Once Upon a Time Creators Talk

Created on 15 December 2014. Posted in Multi-Fandom

... t see more of Robin Hood this season. TVLINE | And Ginny Goodwin indicated to me that Mary Margaret will be more active in 4B — perhaps with regard to the Queens of Darkness arc. KITSIS |Absolutel ...

Xena's Zeus Charles Keating Dies at 72

Created on 10 August 2014. Posted in Xenite News

...  he was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actor in 1986 for a revival of Joe Orton's “Loot.” Keating was born on October 22, 1941 in London, England. He is survived by his wife Mary and two sons. Form ...

Manu Bennet and Kevin Sorbo At SLCC

Created on 16 September 2013. Posted in Xenite News

... Spartacus. That emotion, so raw and powerful, made Manu a fan favorite and launched his career to new heights. He was cast as the primary antagonist Azog, in Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit, an Unexpected ...